Monday, June 16, 2014

Ben is four!

My little Ben is four today!

The birthday boys on the first birthday they shared!
Owen meeting his baby brother Ben

He is definitely challenging me to find new ways to parent, he is my sensitive guy, he gets set off easily sometimes.  And man can he tantrum! 

obviously a non-tantrum moment
1st birthday fun!

He is also gentle, loving and kind.  When he shares he often does it without prompting but simply because he wants to share with others. 
Turning 2 and the love for Mickey Mouse begins
That is his "don't you dare touch my ice cream" look.
Helping Daddy with the Christmas tree at our old house

He loves to watch Mickey Mouse but is also happy watching Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Curious George, Ninjago and Caillou.   Playing with Legos and his hot wheels cars are some favorite ways to pass the time.  But he also loves to cuddle up with me and read book after book after book after book.

Ready to play in the snow
Christmas wearing his Daddy's sailor suit from when he was 2

He adores his big brother and sister and loves his baby brother (when baby brother is not set on destroying whatever game has going at the moment.) 

Third birthday and another Mickey themed party request
He keeps my on my toes!  And he makes me laugh often.

Happy birthday to my second littlest.  I love you so much little boy!

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