Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Garden Update

There is green in the garden!  The kids are very excited to see the plants are growing, and keeping them out is no easy feat.  They are very eager to help me with weeding, which is great except they don't know a weed from a vegetable.  As the plants get bigger I will be able to have the kids help with the weeding but for now I am doing it by myself. 

In the next week we are going to have to stake the tomatoes and string the bean plants.  The rain we've been having is good for the garden.  And so far the rabbits have no reason to attempt to get in.  It'll be a while before we can pick anything but I'm happy to have a garden growing again this year.

Here are the recent pictures:

The eggplant hasn't sprouted yet but everything else has.  Peppers, beans, squash, cucumbers, pumpkins, lettuce, tomatoes and peas are all growing in the garden.

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