Friday, June 6, 2014

7 Quick Takes Voume 11

Oh my what a week.  It started off normally enough and then Tuesday was Jon's car accident.  No time spent at the doctors which we are all thankful for, but plenty of phone calls and running around to keep me busy for the next two days.  And to top it off Ben woke up with the stomach bug on Wednesday.  He was not in the accident so we know it was the bug but it definitely made my day a little more interesting.

These guys are all ok. That's what I keep reminding myself!

Things are quieting down and we are in the waiting portion.  Waiting for the mechanic to tell us what the damage amounts to and waiting for insurance to decide to fix it or to total it.  We are desperately hoping they fix the van- it is a good van (well taken care of) and we will have trouble finding something similar if they give us book value. But it is out of our hands and now we wait.

7 Quick Takes is 7 things I've learned this week:

1.  It only takes seconds to change everything.  I've always known this but it really hit home.  If Jon had been seconds later and the car that hit our van would have hit farther back where my 6 year old was sitting.  Seconds earlier and the front of the van would have taken more impact and Jon's injuries could have been worse.    It only took seconds for the actual accident to occur. 

2. Having a personal insurance agent makes life go more smoothly.  Thanks to ours I've had questions answered much more quickly.  She's been guiding us through the process and I am so thankful for her help (even if it is her job).

3.  Accidents create tons of paperwork. Tons.

4. Even if someone ran a stop sign you still need to police to say it was there fault.  The kid ran a stop sign and pulled out into Jon, how could it possibly be Jon's fault when he was driving down the street and had right of way? But we had to wait for the paperwork that says that.

5.  We are not meant to be a one car family.  At least not while our only working vehicle is a pick up truck.  Thankfully we have family who leant us a minivan while we wait for a rental.

6.  I spent more time at the police station this week than I have in my life total.  Picking up papers.  Dropping off papers.  Picking up more papers. (Which I realize is not at all a bad thing!)

7.  There is a lot of hurry up and wait involved here.  Hurry up with your paper and then sit and wait for someone else to NOT hurry up with it.

I am looking forward to the weekend!  Linking up with Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes.

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