Friday, July 18, 2014

7 Quick Takes Volume 16

Another week of summer down, 6 more weeks to go before Jon heads back to work full time.  To me that is when summer ends at least, I know the technical date is September 21 (or is the 20?)  Other years would have summer ending with the kids going back to school but this year is a lot different than years past.  But that is still a few weeks away so for now we concentrate on controlling the chaos of summer life. 

What have we been up to this week?

1. Sunday we celebrated Ben and Wyatt's birthdays with family.  The kids had a great time playing with the cousins that they don't see often due to distance.
The birthday cake for the boys.  They loves cars and trucks

2.  Summer bible camp for Madeline and Owen.  They LOVED it.  I am so glad too because Owen was very nervous about going but by day three he was asking to go back next summer and by day five(today) he was asking to stay there all summer.  Sorry little man, the camp ends today. 

3. Wyatt had his 2 year check up.  At 2 years the little guy weighs 30 pounds and is 36 inches tall.  Not so little huh?  He almost outweighs his big brother Ben who at 4 weighs about 32 pounds.  I keep telling Ben to learn how to run and run fast.  Wyatt is doing well in all motor areas but his speech is behind.  I am not concerned as the mother of two other boys who took their time with talking.  I figure he'll get to it when he gets to it.  I also subscribe to the notion that some kids simply take longer to do things, like talk.  The pediatrician is concerned.  After some talk we agreed to meet back when he is 2 1/2 if he is not putting two words together. 

4. We spent some time at the zoo with the younger too.  I love taking my monkeys to see the monkeys.  Jon came home from work on Tuesday with the suggestion so after Wyatt's 2 year appointment we headed on over.  We have a season pass so we can go frequently and the kids really enjoy it.  We ran (well technically Wyatt ran and I chased) from animal to animal. 

5.  I finally ordered the last of my curriculum for the fall.  All About Reading and Spelling You See are on their way here in the next week.  The Story of the World and First Language Lessons Level 2 have bids on them on Ebay.  I guess that isn't technically ordered but if I lose the bids they'll be coming from Amazon next week.

6.  And I got my act together, finished up my homeschool education plans and dropped them off at the central office here in our town.  Now I wait on approval because in my state the district must approve your home education plan.  I don't expect any issues but I will be much happier once the approval letter is in my hand.

7.  My garden is growing!!  I have pumpkins and cucumbers taking over a corner of the garden and I cannot tell them apart.  I only know that they are both there because there are two different kinds of leaves growing off of the mess of vines.  So if anyone visits here, please tell me which is which? They both have long, prickly vines and large orange flowers growing off of them. 

I can't wait to harvest whatever is growing!

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Old school mom said...

I believe the rounder leaves are the pumpkins, pointier ones are cucumbers.

I labeled my garden inhabitants with marker on Popsicle sticks but the rain washed away the words, so I'm relying on my flawed memory, so don't quote me.

Stitchwort said...

You should be able to tell them apart when they start to produce female flowers. The male flowers, which always start to appear first, are on straight stems, but the female ones have a miniature fruit at the base of the flower. It should be more round for the pumpkins and more oblong for the cucumbers. And from then on, it gets more and more obvious!