Monday, October 11, 2010

Just a stay at home mom?

"So you're JUST a stay at home mom?"

Yes I am a mom who stays at home. But I don't know about the "just" part of it.

Do you know what I do as a stay at home mom? I am the family accountant, baker, grocer, chauffeur, activities planner, chef, house cleaner and organizer. I wear many hats, mom being just one of them.

I sweep, vacuum, wash floors, dust, wash windows (okay this is something I put off a lot), scrub the toilet, wash the shower, wash and fold the laundry, wash the diapers, make the beds, pick up the toys, take out the trash (Jon does share this chore with me) and find lost toys and puzzle pieces.

I plan arts and crafts projects, read books, monitor television viewing, build block towers, make cars go vroom vroom, cook marvelous pretend meals and make wonderful play dough creations. I have conversations with my kids where they build their vocabulary in natural ways. I teach letters and their sounds, as well as numbers and how to count. I also spend time finding new activities to plan and do with my kids.

I grocery shop, meal plan, bake (sometimes with the kids) clip coupons, pack Madeline's school lunches and cook our meals.

I go to the bank when needed. I pay the bills and balance the checking account. Our lights are always on when we need them and the heat always works. I make lists of repairs that need to be made and either pass the list along to Jon or call the repairman when needed.

I make boo-boos go away with a kiss (mommy magic!). I take temperatures, apply band aids and administer medicine. When it is needed I also clean up vomit (admittedly not my favorite part of the job).

I am a taxi driver. We go to the library, school, the museum, the doctors office, friends houses for playgroups, the dentists office, the park, the zoo, the pond to feed the ducks, and to the store.

I don't do it all alone. I have a wonderful husband who helps out with this when he is home. But he works 40-50 hours outside of the home each week.

I am a mom. I stay at home. I take care of my family. And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

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Tired Mom T├ęsa said...

This is all so true. We do so much, don't we? The list never ends, but it is worth it all - even the odd comment here and there.