Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

Every year I send out Christmas cards. Before I had kids I would actually write these cards out.

In pen.

But with three kids who has time for that? I am lucky I have time to stuff envelopes and write addresses!

Thankfully there are companies that will do some of the work for me. Shutterfly is one of these companies. They have many photo cards to choose from. And the entire process is so simple. You upload your chosen photos to the site, choose from their selection, type out your greeting and order. The most difficult part is getting your kids to sit still for a nice photo (or at least that is the most difficult part for me!)

Shutterfly has many different designs to choose from. I usually go with a classic Christmas card and one of my favorites from their site is:

Traditionally I have chosen a card with only one photo. Part of the reason for that is getting my kids to sit still for a nice photo! However after looking through the selection I may space out my photo sessions in order to get several pictures of the kids. A few I found that I love are:

There are so many cards to choose from! With over 700 designs of Christmas and holiday cards you are bound to find several that you love.

And if you like photo gifts Shutterfly has a solutions, their wall Calendars make wonderful gifts and Shutterfly has a wonderful selection! To be honest I have not ordered my calendars from Shutterfly in the past but after looking through their selection I will remember them in the future.

And remember what I said about having very little extra time? Especially around the holidays. And I HATE writing my address over and over and over as a return address. In the past I have actually wondered how much I care of the card comes back to me if I don't address it correctly. Well, Shutterfly has a solution for that as well. They have holiday address labels. With 498 choices at only $7.99 for 28 I may order some for myself this year!

Currently they are offering free shipping on orders of $30 or more. Now is a good time to order your Christmas cards and gifts!

This post is part of a series sponsored by Shutterfly. I received 50 free photo cards for my post. The opinions are mine.

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